Tucson: old man in car line of Hyundai

Hyundai Tucson is the longest serving in the line of cars of the company. Even Getz has already given way to the more recent machines, but Tucson is still on the line.

Hyundai Tucson is  mono - or all-wheel drive crossover, produced since 2004.
The car is available in front-wheel-drive versions with petrol engine 2.0 l 142 HP and a 2.0 diesel 112 HP. Transmission is mechanical four-speed or five-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive versions.
Tucson is now one of the most affordable crossovers. The car's design is simple but comfortable and designed for practical use.

This crossover is well prepared for off-road riding. Short overhangs mean there is good accessibility. The ground clearance is very decent. Body is protected by quality plastic moldings.
There is enough space for driver in the car. Interesting center armrest, it can slide forward and up. Inside the armrest there are two compartments for big and small things.
The seats are made of cloth and leather, a practical and comfortable option. Not hot in summer, not cold in winter.

Spacious transformable interior, trunk, great as for a crossover, off-road capabilities. A good choice for little money.